Sunday, February 28, 2010

Whew! What a relief!

Well, we're all safe and sound after the Tsunami scare yesterday.  Mari was so happy she was still able to attend her friend's slumber party last night.  Priorities, you know!  Feels like a whole day was lost.  Leah and I had a nice Mommy/daughter evening--we ate little fundraiser pizzas (Thanks Naoko!) and drank root beer in little glasses.  Leah insisted we toast everytime we filled them up.  Hmmm...what has she been up to that we don't know about?  And she hasn't even turned 6 yet!  I made her "surprise ice cream" for dessert. That's when I pick the flavor, toppings, and add special surprise treats--last night it was Junior Mints--and she closes her eyes and is surprised by what she sees.  Then we watched some movies and went to bed early--for me, late for her.  It was a nice time. :)

For her kindergarten project, she brought home Mele Mouse.  A stuffed mouse that comes in a "suitcase" with her journal.  It's very cute...all the children take turns taking Mele home and then journal through words and pictures about the weekend's happenings.  Here's a few photos of Leah and Mele...

Mele and Leah (with her "I AM smiling nicely" smile)

In the Moscato aisle...not sure if we'll include this in the journal...ahem!

Waiting in line to get gas...Mele says, "Never wait til the last minute to fill up your tank with gas.  You never know what "emergency" situation may come up" a Tsunami!!!  (It took one hour) :p

Mele helping Leah practice violin.

Mari had a special 2nd grade program on Friday, "Families Are Forever".  It's a compilation of their unit on Family.  This whole year up to now has focused on "Family"--while incorporating history, math, writing, music, art...  Grandpa Nishiguchi and Mari marched together when they recognized all veterans and active duty.  Too bad Daddy is in Thailand.
What a wonderful program it was!  I was teary-eyed and choked up through the whole program!  (surprise, surprise...)  The children and teachers did a fabulous job!

Ok, so where's the stamping?  These are some samples from Founder's Circle...enjoy!

 6 x 6 scrapbook page

  a cute baby card

3 x 3 hello card

Another hello card

I like how the hearts look like petals...

Friend card

I think this is my favorite...I apologize for the bluriness...

Okay, I have my Lemon Bundt cake in the oven to take with me today, now I must get ready to go!  Thanks for visiting!

Stampin' Smiles!

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  1. so fun! that Mele Mouse project is pretty cool! Mandi says "hi leah! where's your teeth?" How's that chip? Heard it was good!
    TFS the SU! stuff too! Love the butterfly page!