Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where Oh Where Have I Been?

Aaaugh!  I ("We"-Mari, Leah and I) have been extremely busy with Girl Scout cookies ever since they arrived last Thursday!  I didn't realize how quickly time flies!  I apologize for the delay!  I really want to share this with you...  If I haven't already called personally and/or e-mailed and if I did and you haven't signed up yet, please check this out!  We are so lucky to have Bonnie Thurber as our guest speaker!!!

I know you will enjoy yourself and hope you can join us...The deadline is Friday, March 10th.

Now, getting back to Girl Scout Cookies...what was I thinking?!  Two girls in two different troops both with the goal of "Priceless".  All girls who sell 700+ boxes of cookies are recognized as "Priceless" and will be honored at a special event at the end of the cookie sale!  The next level is "Hall of Fame" for selling 1000+ boxes.  YIKES!  Let's not even go there!  (But then, is that really different from setting the Stampin' Up Cruise as a goal? hee, hee!) :)

I'm very proud of both girls...This is Mari's second year selling girl scout cookies and Leah's first.  Mari jumped right back in and is doing a fantastic job!  Leah is a trooper!  She spent her 6th birthday selling cookies at two booth sales--a total of 8 hours!  The only "complaint" Leah had was that she wanted to "do more".  The Daisy girls took turns:  one helped the customers gather the cookies and collected the money, calculating the change...while the other did the "bagging".  All of the girls want to do the first job and were not too keen on the "bagging."  Let's just say it was a nice "dilema" to have girls so eager to help!  And they are so cute!!!

**"Plug" time - If you are in the area and have a sudden craving for some yummy girl scout cookies, the Daisies will be at Safeway Moanalua this Saturday from 9am to 1pm and the Brownies will be at Koko Marina Foodland from 1pm to 5pm.  Then on Sunday, the Brownies will be at Longs Hawaii Kai from 9am to 1pm.  Come on by! :)  With Kurt still in Thailand, life has been quite busy here with school and school activities, cookies, the office...  Gee whiz, I had a tick list a mile long of all things I was/am going to do before he returns...I've barely made a dent in it...  Oh well, I can only do what I can do...  The Daisies will be donating some of their cookie proceeds to the Humane Society and going to Chuck E. Cheese for a pizza party.  The Brownies will be using their cookie proceeds to adopt a Malayan Sun Bear at the Honolulu Zoo and have some fun at Wet n' Wild Water Park.  If you want any additional information--i.e. detailed descriptions about each cookie... please contact Mari or Leah at 542-1965.  You can leave a message with their secretary/mom and they will call you back with everything you ever wanted to know about Girl Scout cookies.  (It's actually kind of cute to hear...)

Thank you for supporting our Daisy and Brownie Troops 276 and 004!  We really appreciate it!

That's what the Nishiguchi girls have been up to...For the guy in the family...Here's Kurt working hard in Thailand...  This appeared in the Air Force News...

3/5/2010 - A local man has a tooth extracted by Maj. (Dr.) Kurt Nishiguchi March 4, 2010, at Bau Nong Sroung School in Thailand. Doctor Nishiguchi is an Air Force reservist from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Cohen A. Young)

Kurt said they are very busy all day long!  Right now they are in a very remote, needy unserved area.  I'm sure the people are grateful to have someone relieve their pain... 
Not exactly sure when he's coming home...we can't wait...

Ok, so that's a sampling of what's been going on since I've last posted...

I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to stamp!  I'm getting withdrawals!  Eeek!  I have to do something soon!

Thank you for visiting!
Stampin' Smiles!

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