Monday, May 10, 2010

Alas! Back to the "Real World"!

It's been a week since arriving back from a wonderful week Crusin' the Caribbean Stampin' Up! style!  Getting back into the swing of things isn't easy after being spoiled from sunrise to sunset and then some!  We really missed the girls and were happy to return.  We had a fabulous time and met some great new friends while visiting with some "old" friends too.

From L to R:  Dawn O. is a "new" friend, me, Barb and Kristyne--(I met Barb and Kristyne at Founder's Circle--along with a whole lot of other awesome ladies!)  This is in the lobby of the Puerto Rico Sheraton Hotel.  It is recently renovated and just beautiful!

Sunday, April 25th we set sail from Puerto Rico--spent all of Monday at sea and arrived in Barbados on Tuesday morning.  Embarking was a new experience--of course it was since this was our first cruise... :p Everything went smoothly.  It's quite impressive considering 3,000+ passengers were welcomed aboard over a period of several hours.

Kurt and I went exploring while waiting for our luggage to be delivered to our room.  The ship was over 12 stories!  The first floor is where the crew stays.  The second through 9th was for the guests.  There were restaurants, art galleries, a spa, a work out room, an ice skating rink, a casino, lots of shops, a mini golf course, a rock climbing wall, a roller blading rink, jogging track, basketball court and much  more!   Unbelievable!  It is a city on the water!  Here is a photo of the pool deck.  The seasoned, knowledgeable cruisers hand carried their swim attire on to the ship and wasted no time in getting out to bask in the sun.

I'll share more on the cruise later...  Along with some other great stuff...Thanks for stopping by!
Stampin; Smiles!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

One of my favorite projects that we do is our recipe "scrapbook".  We just had our Volume 4 class a few weeks ago and a record number of attendees!  The food was awesome!  There were "samples" of the recipes for everyone to taste--It was actually quite a spread--more like a feast!  There are five of us that design four pages each for a total of twenty wonderful recipes and recipe scrapbook pages.  And we had lots of extra help too!  Thank you!

Here are photos of some of the food...

This is just the Main Dishes and Sides...

Naoko's Chicken Enchiladas

Naoko's Lasagna

Lorinne's Beef for French Dip Sandwiches

Lorinne's Edamame Rice

Ugh!  I'm getting hungry just looking at all this yummy food again!

I'm sure you get the idea and I hope you can join us next year!  In the meantime, if you would like to start you own recipe scrapbook, there is a page featured every month at Craft Project Central.
Shelby designed this Strawberry Spinach Salad page for April.

Love the bling, Shelby! :)  Thank you for sharing this with us!
And Thank you for visiting!
Stampin' Smiles!