Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Countdown to the Marathon

This is not stamping related, but something that I wanted to share.  I used to "run" a lot when I was "younger".  Always wanted to run a marathon but never did.  Well, I'm not getting any younger/thinner and thought it was time to work on crossing the Honolulu Marathon off my bucket list. :)  So I registered and have been telling everyone my plan.  Up until last week, that's what it was, just a "plan".  A patient of ours shared information about BC Endurance Training when she came in on Tuesday and last week Wednesday was my first day--just 4 days after my "monumental" birthday.  I am so excited now because I feel my "plan" becoming a reality...  Ha, ha!  Not even a week--so optimistic!  Yesterday we did about a 50 minute workout, concentrating on pacing.  We only went a little over 3 miles and we were joking--"Only 23.2 miles more!!!" :p  Our pacing group is really nice and I'm looking forward to training with them.

Anyway, I'm going to be mixing in my marathon training adventure with my stamping.  Quite different subjects, but all part of "things that make me smile".  Just skip over the posts you aren't interested in...
Thank you for stopping by!

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