Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Great New Projects!

Hello!  There are some really great projects that recently posted on Craft Project Central.  Just to give you a little sneak peek!
First this very chic box designed by Krista.  She is so talented!  This is the bonus project for April...Our Thank You for referring a friend. :)

Next is this very cute Baby Album designed by Naoko.  She is so talented!

And now for the latest creation by Brenda, affectionately know as the "Punch Queen".  She is so talented!  A punch art bear box and matching cards!  So adorable!


Jacque designed this project...Tea Party Tag Tote...Very elegant.  She is so talented!

I just love this Birthday Card Organizer box designed by Zeva.  She is so talented!

Oh and here's Michelle's design...She is so talented!  This is a free project!  WOWEEE!  All you have to do is go to Craft Project Central and click on "News".  There will be a drop down menu with "Free Projects"  Just a sampling of what you can get when you subscribe.  Please call me if you have any questions...

I know I said the same thing for all the ladies...because that's the truth!  They ARE all so talented, creative and great ladies!  I am so happy to have such great friends!  Stampers are just the best people, don't you think? :)

Thanks for stopping by!  I REALLY have to finish prepping for our BIG recipe book class tomorrow.  Not to mention finish cooking! Yikes!  I  hope everything comes out ok.  I'm making Strawberry Salad--you know, Spinach, Pecans, Strawberries-of course and a red wine vinegar...dressing.  Ok, hopefully a no brainer...  How can anyone mess up salad?  I better not speak too soon.  I'm also making Kahlua Cake--I've made this before, so hopefully no worries.  I'm also making S'Mores Cupcakes.  Now this is a first...Shhhh!  I found it on Bakerella's blog.  Just love her blog! She's the cupcake pop lady.  Anyway,  it sounds delish by looking at the ingredients!  I sure hope it comes out ok...Actually, if it does or doesn't, I may not know the difference and since I never had it before...I guess it really doesn't matter, huh?  I'll let you know.  We are going to have some "onolicious" food tomorrow!  Probably the best thing about our Recipe book class...well, the book is pretty special too!  Ok, so I have to go...Once again, thanks for stopping by!

Stampin' Smiles,

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